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  • Hi, Is the August meeting for membership only ?

  • Its for anyone, first timers get in free for their first meeting, but to attend the next meeting membership payment is required

  • I want to attend next meeting as a new member.


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  • Hi,
    What time does your meeting start and end on the 19th?

  • Hi there, I have some ideas I’d like to talk to some inventors about. This seems like the right direction so far. Can you send me the info on your next meeting please.

  • Hi can you email me what time the meeting on the 19th starts?
    My email is milnechiro@yahoo.com

    Thank you.

  • hello when is the next meeting I would like to join and get information on starting a patent ?

  • Hello, Happy New Year! My name is Ken Wimbley, I would like very much to share my knowledge and contacts in your next upcoming meeting. I have been very fortunate to have a close association with a highly successful inventor and marketing firm with an amazing distribution in the industrial and consumer markets here in the U.S. and abroad. There’s an opportunity here where under the right circumstances a lot of progress can be made.

    I look forward to it.
    Thank you,

  • To Ken Wimberly: I am a very successful inventor who assigned my patents to employers but now want to share in the proceeds. Can you help me?

  • Looking for details on the date/time of the next meeting this month of January 2017, please.

  • hello when will the next meeting be for 2017 ?

  • Hello, I’m responding to John, 1/4/17. I will be attending the meeting on February 15, 2017. And to answer your question, I can’t honestly say yes or no to you until I hear the details of your present situation, of which I hope to get the opportunity to do so.

  • Hello, everyone, I’m truly looking forward to meeting you on 2/15/17.
    I would like to start out by introducing you to my close associate, and the best way for me to this ahead of time is to ask you to download and read Mr. Harvey Brody’s “Toll-Position” Report copyrighted 2006. This report will show you in many ways how serious we are and what we’re capable of achieving. Best wishes,

  • Hello, last night’s meeting was very informative, full of energy and all around beneficial. Thanks,

  • Please contact us. Would like to advertise a new book for inventors on your website.

    Also, looking for a business partner for a patent pending motor vehicle device.

  • Looking for info to find a “cowboy hat ” manufacturer interested in manufacturing my product. Ive contacted at least a half dozen & no one responds. Thx

  • Doug, try the ThomasNet U.S. manufacturers for North Texas.

  • I,m located in southwest Arkansas east of Texarkana on the Red River retired farmer which gave me time to work on bowfishing products as well as slingshots have developed several new arrows ,arrow rest, attachments for bows the latest is a complete new idea for slingshot looked the internet over Slingshot channel and all not one like it highly accurate just need direction on where to go have checked most of the Invention help companies not satisfied with them yet my wife is semi invalid so have to take care of her will not be able to attend your meetings but would join your association to get to know everyone!!hk

  • Is it possible to become a member even though it is very unlikely that I would be able to attend any meetings

  • Hello Kem, I thave invention of a chanching table for babys is in pending patent’ process but i do not know who would be interested to manufacture it and sell it to store I hope to find a company that contacts me thank you…

    • Hello Kem, I thave invention of a chanching table for babys is in pending patent’ process but i do not know who would be interested to manufacture it and sell it to store I hope to find a company that contacts me thank you…

  • i am a member and i have been trying to find a trade show to show my invention my name is Darrell Fields is their any member that could help me with this problem 214 727 0308

  • i am in need of help finding a trade show in the Dallas area to showcase my invention is their any member that can point me in the right direction.Thank you

  • I am in need of help finding a inventors trade show to showcase my invention

  • I’m a Global Sourcing expert and have working with China manufacturers for more than a decade. I’m new to DFW and would love to join your organization. When’s the next meeting?

  • Can I join on line when the meeting is going on,I am from Victoria Tx and did not know of this meetings. Would like to become a member. I have an invention and have a provisional patent on it.

  • Hello my name is Darryl Carter, I would like to join yout organization. I would like to attend the June 13 meeting. This my 2nd invention I am trying to get it to the market.

  • I am teaching a few Invention Kids camps this summer and would love to have a local inventor come speak to the campers for one hour. They will be ages 6-12. I will be teaching them in invention process and they will be inventing as well. If you can recommend someone who is good with children, I would love it!

  • Hello,
    I would like to attend the meeting this Tuesday 6/13/17, do I need to preregister?

  • How may I speak with and or send an email to Mr. Beckley?
    Thanks in advance.

  • just moved here from the amarillo area where i was a member of the Amarillo Inventors Assoc for the last 7 years. would like to attend your july meeting.

  • Help… I have designed/created, all new concepts, for the sports, fitness , athletic industry, which will revolutionize the industry…Mulit-Billions @ Stake… Complete details/designs available…

  • The new Interim Director of the USPTO, Joseph Matal, will be in Dallas on December 1. He’ll be moderating a panel with Hilda Galvan, Partner-in-Charge at Jones Day; Frank Grassler, VP of Technology Development at UT Southwestern; and Richard Margolin, Founder and CTO of Robokind Advanced Social Robotics. Interested parties can register at the Dallas Regional Chamber’s event site: http://bit.ly/2iYRemqDRC

  • I am new to your site. No meetings in 2018?

  • when next meeting

  • Help…I’m looking for patent licensing service provider for golf gear. Any referral? Also interested in joining the meetings. Any schedule?

  • I have a product that has been tested by many people and they all said it is a great product. Please let me know where your next meeting is and I have already have a provisional patent

  • I am fighting several of the “800 lb. gorillas” to keep my patents

    Look on: gofundme.com/sm-bus-fighting-to-keep-patents

  • I received my patent ( 8,448,570 B1 ) about 4 yrs. ago. Go to YouTube and type in Automatic Portable Can crusher to see a 3 min. video on it. Would it be productive for me to attend your next meeting on 6/12/18 ?

  • Plan to attend my first meeting. Meeting and time still July 12 6:30 at Davis Library in Plano?

  • I am a teacher in Carrollton and my 4th grade students will be starting a unit on inventions when we return after winter break. A few years ago, some nice ladies came to my school to talk about their poster board invention and my students loved it. I am looking for someone to come and speak to this year’s students about the process. Is there someone who would be willing to come and talk to them. I see this particular group of students on Thursdays only. Thank you!

  • Hello, I just found out about your inventor’s incubator membership club for the North Texas area. Just verifying that the next meeting is on January 16, 2019?


  • Fixing the Future: The Current System of Funding the Future is Broken and Corrupt and it Needs Changing!
    There’s a problem in America. It lies in how we fund our future. We’ve turned our future over to a few excessively greedy and non-enlightened individuals and corporations who’ve never heard of this simple piece of wisdom: that “the secret in life is to not be too greedy”. But even if they had, they’d sneer and scoff at it.

    So, let’s examine this problem more closely:

    1. America’s greatness in the past stemmed from one place: its ability to innovate. And its ability to innovate was dependent on one type of person: the independent inventor. All the true innovators, all the great inventors of the past, started out as independent inventors.

    2. True innovation (new inventions, not startups) is the only real hope for any kind of future for the U.S. and its larger economy, i.e., the millions and millions of people who will otherwise be unemployed when AI finally kicks in bigtime (and this includes code writers and software architects as well). That is, if the U.S. has any future at all.

    3. Startups are simply not the solution; too many fail and those that don’t, and finally make it to the bigtime, with very few exceptions, get acquired and their engineers get redeployed in the acquirer’s business elsewhere (in fact, there’s even a new phrase in the law’s M&A lexicon for this development; it’s called “acquir-hire”). The value of the business is determined by how many quality engineers the target business employs in crucial roles and how much each one is worth; the purchase price for the business is then computed on that basis. Everyone else gets fired. Any millennial who loves startups and doesn’t know this simple truth is merely uninformed.

    4. So, this leads us to a foundational principle: if we want to save this country, the way to do it is to encourage more innovation by individuals who might actually have the stuff (i.e., to borrow a phrase from Tom Wolfe, “the right stuff”) to become successful independent inventors.

    Now, we know from studies and the resulting statistics, two important things:

    1. There are millions and millions of “would-be” inventors in this country
    2. Most never try because of perceived limitations or obstacles, including:
    a. No, or not enough, money
    b. No encouragement at home (i.e., a spouse) or among friends and family
    c. Fear of failure
    d. Ignorance and lack of education about the inventing process and how to be successful at it.

    So, that leads us to a question: What can we do about this problem? How can we encourage more innovation among the American population at large; how can we turn more of these “would be’s” into “newbies”?

    The answer is to create a business that either ameliorates, or eliminates entirely, these perceived limitations and obstacles. Create one that has or does the following:
    1. With a minimal investment on their part, provide these “would be” inventors with enough money for them to try their hand at the inventing process;
    2. Replace the lack of encouragement they receive at the hands of family and friends, with enthusiasm and clearly-felt support for their undertaking;
    3. Subject them and their inventions to a thorough vetting process by people who live inside the inventing “beltway” and know what they’re doing. That will ensure these “newbies” that their chances for significant success increases exponentially, while the probability of complete failure is reduced to virtually zero;
    4. Make sure that the process you create for them to journey through does, at a minimum and at the end of the day, at least one thing: it educates them and makes them wise in ways that, traditionally, only a substantial investment by them in themselves and then the ultimate complete failure or success of their project, could otherwise provide, i.e., the “wiser” without the “sadder”.

    Well, the good news is that there is such a business: it’s called Archimedes’ Offspring. Taking its name from the famous Green scientist, mathematician and, most importantly, inventor of antiquity, Archimedes’ Offspring offers the independent inventor, or “would be” inventor a once-in-a-lifetime-opportunity to get the money, assistance and access that traditionally only a very few lucky independent inventors were able to pull off and which, in the current climate, is otherwise virtually impossible.

    To learn more about this significant opportunity, please contact me, Rita Crompton, at info@archimedesoffspring.com

  • Hi! I am a law student at Texas A&M and I am looking for someone who has filed a patent with the USPTO.

  • I just filed two PPA’s (Provisional Patent Applicatin) last week. It is not that hard but you need to know a few things first. Email me @ inventertainment@ yahoo.com and I can tell you what I know.

  • How do I get in contact with the meeting organizers? I’m unable to find an email or contact form on the website.

  • Good Day!

    I was wondering when would be the next Inventor Monthly Meeting?
    I’d like to attend…..

    My Best,


  • Has anyone had dealing with invent help?
    What are the pros and cons ?

  • PS: You can also contact me directly for free guidance. If I can help quickly and easily, I will. I like working with independent inventors, and there is just about nothing I do not know about IP. …and so many of the issues that people face can be easily solved by accessing the correct information – usually on the USPTO web site. Glad to see people being so inventive and entrepreneurial! Adam (admin@patentpathway.com)

  • Id love to attend a meeting. How is that going with all this covid mess? Are you guys still meeting?

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