About Us

Board of Directors

Alan Beckley
Past president and inventor of the Wonder Wallet, President of Inventor-center.net

Robert Wise
Patent Attorney and Current President

Tom Baugh

Matt Smithers

John Caldwell


Membership dues have changed!!!

Yearly membership dues are $30.00

The current president is Bob Wise, patent attorney and former examiner at the USPTO.

Visitors are welcome to attend their first meeting for no charge!

If you have attended your first, free meeting you must join BEFORE attending further meetings.

Bring your membership dues (cash or check) to the meeting. The club does not accept credit cards.

What can I expect at the meeting?

We have many wonderful resources at the meetings. Inventors at every stage of the process as well as many professionals. We have our president, Bob Wise, a patent attorney who gives freely of legal advice to attendees at the meetings.  We also have a patent agent, a prototype expert, a man who owns manufacturing plants in China, a rapid prototyping source and a product scout for a company that makes infomercials and takes products to the home shopping networks. We have successful inventors who have licensed their product and successful inventors who have built a business around their inventions. We all have things to share with one another.

The meeting starts with general announcements and recognition of accomplishments by our members and then breaks into an informal gathering where members and visitors are allowed to “float” from one resource (member with expertise relating to a specific area of the inventive process) to another.

All attendees, members and visitors alike, are encouraged to network and help one another. It is our goal to support, help and encourage one another through the exciting, exhilarating and discouraging ups and downs of product development. Together we can help one another succeed!

Blank non-disclosure agreements will be available for your use if you wish to discuss your product with others at the meeting.